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Bristol Port, Avon

Industrial strength wind energy

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Our biggest Merchant Wind Power project to date.

Merchant Wind Power is about bringing the environment and industry together - a combination never more evidently right, than right here.

Wind energy in all it's modern glory, sat with the natural environment to one side and serious industry to the other. This is where wind energy meets industry, where the need to harness clean sources of power meets the need to have power – no less than a vision of the future, or a tantalising glimpse at least.

All three turbines are now up and running, generating New Green electricity and saving thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions - over 15,000 in fact - this year and every year for the next 30 years.

And they look stunning! The view from the M5 across the water is truly breathtaking. The Avonmouth Docks have been transformed with the addition of these state-of-the-art turbines, generating enough clean energy to power most of the Dock's energy requirements.

Ecotricity has taken on the complex task of delivering this ambitious project, and we are delighted with the results. The three wind turbines are now delivering The Bristol Port Company with substantial environmental and financial savings.

Patrick Kearon, Bristol Port Company Ltd

Avonmouth Docks Wind Park is the first project of its kind in the South West, being built as it is on industrial land. These are also the very first turbines in Bristol.

Set in the industrial landscape of the port, Avonmouth's three turbines are destined to become a well known landmark, representing a forward thinking region with green issues at the heart of its agenda.

Vital statistics

Site address - Avonmouth Docks, Bristol

Since - 10 Aug 2007

Turbines - 3

Rotor diameter - 83m

Capacity - 6MW

Green electricity per year -
15 million units

Equivalent homes - 4,669

CO2 savings - 15,408 tonnes

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