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Dundee, Scotland

State-of-the-art green energy

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Completed in May 2006, Michelin's Dundee factory is the proud recipient of two state-of-the-art wind turbines.

With a combined capacity of 4MW, the turbines generate an estimated 8 million units of clean electricity to help power the factory as well as homes in the surrounding area.

Our two windmills in Dundee provide roughly 30% of the electricity required to power the factory which makes about 7 million tyres every year.

We're delighted to be working with Michelin to reduce their environmental impact, and are thrilled that an everyday product such as Michelin tyres can be produced using clean green energy from Ecotricity.

The installation of the wind turbines will see the Dundee site join Ecotricity as a pioneer in the ongoing promotion of alternative, cleaner energy sources for heavy industry.

Trevor Haines, Site Manager, Michelin Dundee

Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity, said 'this latest step in our campaign to fight climate change with Michelin is really significant. We are delighted to work with Michelin to help reduce their environmental impact, as we already are with Sainsbury's, Co-op, Ford and the Prudential. This exciting new project will deliver clean, green energy and save Michelin money.'

The two Ecotricity turbines are super quiet, highly efficient, leveraging the very latest advances in technology, and will visibly reinforce Ecotricity’s Good Neighbour policy.

This project represents another milestone in our campaign to green up big business and the automotive supply chain. Little by little, the things we use every day are getting greener thanks to initiatives such as this.

Vital statistics

Site address - Michelin Tyre PLC, Dundee, Scotland

Since - 20 May 2006

Turbines - 2

Rotor diameter - 71m

Capacity - 4MW

Green electricity per year -
8 million units

Equivalent homes - 2,242

CO2 savings - 7,128 tonnes

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