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East Kilbride, Scotland

Our first Merchant Wind Power initiative

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The East Kilbride wind turbine holds a number of firsts; as well as being the original wind park in our Merchant Wind Power initiative, it was also the first turbine to be put on a brownfield site, and the very first turbine to be built without any sort of subsidy.

The 65m turbine was installed at Sainsbury's Distribution Centre in March 2001 and provides one third of the electricity required by the cold storage depot, which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sainsbury’s pay a market price for their green electricity, which in the long term will cost them less than conventional energy. The renewable power from the turbine at Sainsbury’s is equivalent to around 600 homes and saves 1,600 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being emitted every year.

With this project, Ecotricity has helped us to meet our environmental goals and our energy needs. We have this fantastic state-of-the-art wind turbine on our site, which not only looks great but is providing almost half the depot's electricity, with no carbon emissions and at a cheaper price.

Julius Brinkworth, Energy Manager, Sainsbury's

The partnership confirms Sainsbury's long-term commitment to environmental improvement and is a significant step toward the company's targets to reduce CO2 emissions.

Construction of the turbine itself took a mere three days, and in the long term the power it has generated costs less than conventional electricity.

This turbine pioneered our Merchant Wind Power initiative, proving it viability as a long term, price secure, renewable energy solution for businesses, requiring no capital investment from the customer.

Vital statistics

Site address - Sainsbury's Distribution Centre, Scotland.

Since - 28 Mar 2001

Turbines - 1

Rotor diameter - 44m

Capacity - 0.6MW

Green electricity per year -
1.9 million units

Equivalent homes - 576

CO2 savings - 1,645 tonnes

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