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It's really easy for you to join us and it only takes a couple of minutes. Just choose our Green Electricity and/or Green Gas – tell us where you live and we'll do the rest.

If you’ve got a Pay As You Go meter, get a price estimate here.

New energy

All the green energy in this tariff comes from our own windmills. It's a growing component - this year 64% - as we keep building more windmills.

It's topped up with 'brown' electricity which we buy from the wholesale market. This reduces each year as we build more of our own green. And we price match New Energy to the standard tariff of all the regional suppliers - so switching to New Energy should not cost you any more.

We were the first energy supplier in the world to supply green electricity. Our electricity is 100% green, and we have a discount for drivers of electric cars.

Switch to Ecotricity using this form and bring about the biggest change you can possibly make from your energy bill.

I'd like Green Gas

We were the first energy company in Britain to supply green gas too - it's currently 12% green, and that percentage will grow as we build our own Green Gasmills.

I've just switched to @ecotricity for frack-free Green Gas & 100% Green Electricity
Ecotricity - Green Gas and 100% Green Electricity
I've just switched to Ecotricity for Green Gas & 100% Green Electricity

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Really sorry - we're unable to process your switch online because we're making improvements to this part of our website. 

Please call us on 0800 999 4600 and we'll take care of everything for you.
Thanks for bearing with us.

Get the equivalent of 1,000 miles in free electricity each year to charge your electric vehicle (EV) at home.

Our special discount for electric car owners:
With this discount you can power your home and car using 100% Green Electricity and get at least 1,000 free miles of electricity each year.
To benefit from this tariff you have to drive an electric or plug-in hybrid car, and provide us with a copy of your vehicle log book (V5) or lease documents.

Find out more about our electric car discount

We'll send you a swipe card which also gives you free access to our  national charging network, in addition to your 2,000 miles to use at home.


To qualify for this discount we need to see proof of ownership for your electric car. All you have to do is send a copy of your car’s V5C, personal lease documents or company car info to home@ecotricity.co.uk. This discount can only apply to one electricity account – registered at the address stated on your electric car documents.

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