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05 February 2010

Artist's impression of the QEH wind park.

It’s been a particularly good week here at Ecotricity, with two new windmill project firsts given the green light!

First up was Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) in King’s Lynn, the UK’s first public sector Merchant Wind Power scheme in the country. The single windmill will generate 1.9 million units of electricity, 18% of the hospital’s consumption in a typical year, just from the wind blowing over the site - the equivalent of the usage of 580 homes. The electricity produced will be fed directly to the hospital, reducing its import of conventional polluting electricity, reducing the hospital’s carbon emissions and its annual electricity bill by an estimated £20,000.

Even the Planning Inspector was impressed, saying in his report: “I think that the arrangements under which this scheme is to be operated warrant encouragement... an example worth repeating, in my opinion.” Hear hear we say.

Meanwhile, our very first project outside of mainland Britain got full approval as well. We’ve already provided two turbines for Michelin in Scotland, and now they’ll be joined by two more at the company’s site in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. Together, they’ll prevent more than 4,000 tonnes of CO2 being emitted every year from and create 9.64 million units of electricity per annum, the equivalent usage of over 2,900 homes. When the factory isn’t operating, the electricity for both windmills will be fed into the grid for homes and other businesses to use.

For more on both these projects, check our wind parks page which we’ll be updating with more information soon.

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