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Industrial strength wind energy

Roger Putnam

Green power from Ecotricity is saving Ford money and there are huge environmental benefits too. Thousands of tonnes of power station emissions are saved by switching out electricity source for the Dagenham Diesel Centre to wind power.

Roger Putnam, Chairman, Ford UK

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Our turbines

We pioneered the use of variable speed, gearless turbines in the UK - it’s our trademark. That’s because we build projects that we’re going to be running and maintaining for life – we therefore choose the best technology that money can buy. It’s in our interests to do so, and yours.

Our turbines are super quiet, unbeatable in lower wind speeds and the best you can get to connect to your on-site grid.


Partnership with Enercon

Ecotricity only uses Enercon wind turbines, which they have found to be the most reliable and the most efficient, in particular at relatively low wind speeds. In most wind turbines the rotor is constrained to rotate at a fixed speed, and a gearbox is used to convert this to the speed required to generate mains frequency electricity.

The drive system for the Enercon wind energy converters is based on a simple principle: Fewer rotating components reduce mechanical stress and at the same time increase the technical service life of the equipment.

Enercon turbines use electronic power conversion rather than gearboxes. This eliminates gearbox noise (a problem with some 1990s wind turbines), improves the overall efficiency because the rotational speed can vary, and reduces noise from the blades since on average they move more slowly.

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