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Why Ecotricity?

All round excellence

Our projects are not just the UK's most innovative, most visible, and most admired wind parks - they also deliver on all of our promises, these are the reasons that our clients chose green energy from Ecotricity.

  • Experience
    Ecotricity have planned and built 1 in 10 of all the wind projects in the UK today. Our success rate in planning is second to none. Our experience of working on brownfield sites is simply streets ahead of anyone else’s. View our wind parks.
  • Expertise
    We do everything ourselves. It’s a unique approach. From wind monitoring and feasibility through Environmental Impact Assessments, to planning applications, financing and construction, to energy and ROC trading, long term operation and even maintenance - we do it all ourselves. This gives us unrivalled control of the quality of every project and it gives you just one point of contact, for the life of the project. There are no grey areas of responsibility - we take it all.
    View our case studies.
  • Technology
    We pioneered the use of variable speed, gearless turbines in the UK - it’s our trademark. That’s because we build projects that we’re going to be running and maintaining for life – we therefore choose the best technology that money can buy. It’s in our interests to do so, and yours.

    Our turbines are super quiet, unbeatable in lower wind speeds and the best you can get to connect to your on-site grid.
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